Finding Your First Electric Hunting Bike

There are many different styles of electric hunting bikes available today, including some that have been developed specifically for use around wildlife. They often offer a more comfortable ride than standard bikes on challenging terrains and are much quieter than gas-powered models. You will still get your usual electric biking benefits like speed, comfort, and control but without the hassle of lugging around extra fuel cans or worrying about running out of juice before reaching your destination.

Hunting on an electric bike for the first time can be challenging. For your hunting to be relatively easy, you need to get used to your ebike controls and the terrain you ride on. In addition, ensure to put on safety gear and take necessary precautions.Hunting e bikeWhat to consider when getting your Electric Hunting Bike

Below are some factors to consider when purchasing your first hunting electric bike:

  • Know the ebike you need

Despite the need for knowledge about classification and styles, most people are eager to purchase electric hunting bikes. You have to understand the various e-bikes on the market. Electric bike classification is into three categories, and most hunting bikes are class two electric bikes. Here are the ebikes classifications:

The Class One E-Bikes

Class 1 e-bike has a maximum assisted speed of 20mph and uses pedal assist. You must pedal to activate the e-bike engine on these pedal-assist-only bicycles because they lack throttle controls. They must follow the 20 mph class 1 electric bike speed limit and are also known as Pedelecs (electric pedal bikes).

The Class Two E-Bikes

Class 2 electric bicycles can go up to 20 mph with assistance. They have throttle assistance without you needing to pedal, unlike class 1. Moreover, the aid will continue when you start pedaling. However, you can choose not to pedal and use the throttle option. Class 2 e-bikes have the same top speed as class 1 bikes, at 20mph, and can be ridden as 'unassisted' bikes, i.e., without the motor and in the same places.

Thus, the Class 2 bikes are similar to class 1 bikes in appearance, but they have a throttle assist. Moreover, the throttle assist is usually found on the handlebars and can appear quite subtle.

The Class Three E-Bikes

While pedaling, the class three e-bikes can reach up to 28 mph speeds. Due to the high speed, they are not allowed on public roads. You may need extra care when riding these bikes, especially as a beginner. Hence, the class three ebikes are best for experts. 

  • Know the weight and position of your battery

Weight is an important consideration, especially when biking alone. Your ebike's weight directly impacts hunting activities. It's not advisable to navigate rough terrain on a relatively weighty electric motorcycle. From research, the rate of injuries is higher with heavy bikes. If you are starting, this can be both stressful and dangerous. Hence, it's best to get lightweight ebikes. 

Nothing is more frustrating as a beginner than having to push that heavy bike a long distance due to a flat tire. Also, it's safer for a beginner to consider a mid-framed battery pack placement. These considerations eliminate the need to be concerned about the unexpected loss of balance and the injuries that may result from such falls.

  • Battery size

When choosing your next hunting bike, keep the battery in mind. The size of the battery determines the range you can go, so consider how many miles your e-bike can travel on a single charge. To get an idea of the range, check the Amp hours of the battery and double it. 

  • Riding Purpose

Leisure hunting is one of the many uses for an electric hunting bike. Consider additional features such as rear-storage racks for water and snacks if you intend to use your bike for hunting or long-distance cycling. You may also need to find an electric bike that can handle rugged terrain without breaking down. The rack should be large enough to accommodate your prey.

  • Suitable Motor type

The mid-drive motors have a motor sensor that detects your pedaling routine and provides electric assistance based on your movements. If you are a first-timer, this type of bike will make your ride feel more natural. Since your acceleration is determined by how hard you pedal.

When you pedal, the hub-drive sensor on your hand will give you a push-forward sensation. Most of the time, the additional push makes pedaling easy and quick. Because of the minimal effort required from you, hub drive tends to make your riding experience feel unnatural. Again, your terrain will determine whether you choose a mid-drive or hub-drive motor.

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The Perfect Hunting Bike – Ebikech Step-Thru

As an e-bike is a perfect bike for hunting, the advantages and properties of the Step-Thru are exceptional in many ways. Purchasing the Ebikech Ebikech Step-Thru for hunting is a good investment and is most suitable if you hunt regularly. The e-bike feature will come in handy on more occasions than you can imagine.

The main Specs of the Ebikech Step-Thru are as follows:




60 - 80 miles


48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium


1000W Mid-drive 

Total payload Capacity

400 lb.


88 lb.


26" x 4.8" Kenda fat tires


Shimano 10 Speed Gear Shift System


Tektro 18mm hydraulic


6061 Aluminum


Thumb throttle


King Cobra (Black) or Forest Cobra (Multi) 

Total Bike Length 


Handlebar Height 


Handlebar Length 


Standover Height


Main Features of the Ebikech Step-Thru

Here are some key features that make the Ebikech Step-Thru Softail Electric Mountain Bike

  • Upgraded Mid-drive Motor

Mid-drive motors use different gears to make your e-bike more efficient when climbing hills. The rider may choose the correct equipment to shift into at the right time. Hence, this gives control to the rider and efficiency to the bike. 

  • Improved Battery Performance

The powerful motor must have an efficient battery. Because of the improved battery technology, the Cobra Pro can go 60 to 80 miles on a single charge. Also, charging the battery to total capacity takes you 7 hours. The 960Wh battery extends the Cobra's range, stability, and safety. 

  • Softail Suspension with Four-Bar Linkage

The Ebikech Step-Thru has a soft tail suspension system with front fork suspension and a mid-suspension for maximum comfort. Thus, this provides a smooth and comfortable ride on even the most challenging terrain.

  • Updated Hydraulic Brakes

The Ebikech Step-Thru has Hydraulic brakes, which are more effective for off-road ventures than the traditional mechanical disc brakes that are adequate for pedestrian situations. Electric bikes for off-road requires hydraulic brakes for optimum efficiency. The benefits of hydraulic brakes include a longer life with less maintenance and improved stopping distance for increased safety in traffic or on epic trails where it is most needed.

  • High quality at a competitive price

Getting the Ebikech Step-Thru at a competitive price is $3,999 is worth your money, as it has the best features for exploration. These features include a 1300W updated motor, alloy pedal with reflectors, and upgraded battery capacity.

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When going hunting for the first time, you need to choose the best ebike for you and the environment. Ebikech is a long-range ebike expert, and the Step-Thru has the best features for hunting. They make going on wild adventures in the woods much easier and allow you to move freely in winds, heavy mud, rainwater, or snow. If you are looking for your first electric hunting bike and want to get a good idea of what to expect, then do well to check out the Ebikech Step-Thru.

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