Salutes Our Veterans | Ebikech

Salutes Our Veterans | Ebikech

Veterans served our nation in different capacities and times. They have been at the forefront of protecting and upholding our nation's pride. Giving their lives' worth and any conceived plans they might have had, they have fought tooth and nail to ensure safety for all. 

From every difficult goodbye that could as well be their last to the troubles on the field that can mean a husband, father, uncle, or brother may not return home, no one can understand the hurt the families feel. We are fully aware of the fallen heroes that may be gone but will forever be in our hearts. 

For the heroes that make it back home, the journey back to civilization is usually long. Although their families are often directly affected by their persistent absence and exposure to danger, Veterans return to face the hurdles of rebuilding their lives, but Ebikech make it less stressful. 

What it means to be a Veteran

Veterans are usually gone for a long time in service to their nation, and upon return, socializing may be far from easy. Many birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones may have gone by before they return, and it often takes a lot of work to pick up from where they left off. Some difficulties that Veterans experience upon their return are many and are not limited to the following:

Stress Disorder:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common experience for veterans post-service. The sight of losing a fellow soldier right before your eyes, the unforeseen natural disasters, and the sudden loss of a body part is enough to make the bravest of us suffer PTSD. Since this condition is prevalent, much research has gone into the possible management of this disorder. It has caught the attention of top psychologists and gained recognition worldwide. Medications have been formulated, and therapy has advanced in search of the best way to manage it. 

In all, exercising and cycling have proven to be effective. Ebiking is one form of exercise that requires minimal bodily effort, but a maximum mental advantage. Research shows that cycling helps reduce long-term anxiety levels and relieves negative thoughts. While cycling, with the breeze gentle on their skin, the flashbacks become less, and they remember how great it feels to be alive.

Financial stress:

Most veterans receive a regular gratuity from the government for their selfless service to the nation. These funds come in handy for basic needs like feeding and other minor bills. It is only enough until a more significant need arises. This veteran might not be able to get a regular job after years of service, maybe due to a physical inability or the lack of qualification for those jobs. Therefore, in a matter of time, they might start to nurture the idea of higher pay to live the life they dream. What if what they require is a more prudent dream? For instance, they might feel the need to buy a car just for the sake of building assets. We all know that the cost of buying an electric bike is nowhere near the cost of purchasing and maintaining a car. The Ebikech Electric Bike is the perfect substitute for a combustion vehicle and is very pocket-friendly. This gesture is an avenue by which Himiway gives back to veterans.

Getting around town:

Keeping our veterans indoors for a prolonged time is not healthy and medically inadvisable. They need to get out and move about for them to heal and begin to get accustomed to the civilian lifestyle. It is usually a challenging journey but a much-needed one. Some might be reluctant to go out because of their heightened anxiety and fear of danger lurking outside. This is the more reason why they should be up and about. However, some Veterans might be recovering from lower limbs or knee injuries, while others suffer more losses and are retired to a wheelchair. Regardless, veterans without severe bruises should have the e-bike as a necessary mood lifter and ease of movement around the neighborhood. With it, they can pedal with less stress with the pedal-assisted e-bikes. The fat tire electric bike also gives them more comfort and balance while they ride.

How Ebikech Salutes Our Veterans

At Ebikech, we pride ourselves on our regular contribution to making our Veterans' life easier. Over the years, we have made it a sense of duty to give back to our society, most especially our heroes of times past who have given themselves to the service of humanity. Here is how we come in:

Gifting electric bike

Having highlighted some difficulties our veterans face in trying to fit back into society, electric bikes are of immense help. Ebikech periodically considers welfare for veterans

E-bikes at competitive price

Another way we give back to Veterans to make them know that their service to the country is appreciated is by offering ebikes at the lowest possible prices. Even as a long-range expert of the all-terrain fat tire ebike brand, Ebikech offers high quality at competitive prices. Electric bikes are generally affordable, and we make them even more affordable for veterans. We know they might need to be financially capable of affording a motorcycle at a regular cost. In all these, Ebikech bikes are durable and made of the finest materials. They are sure to stand the test of time. Veterans can also use long-range e-bikes on almost all terrains. These bikes are made available at a competitive price for veterans.

E-bikes with financing

A lot of customers have asked if Ebikech gives financing for the purchase of electric cargo bikes. This offer is Ebikech’s way of giving thanks to our veterans and helping to cushion the effect of their financial state. Post-service, it is usually difficult to pick back the remaining parts of their lives, so Ebikech gives veterans one less worry. They can get an electric bike and pay the cost over some time. This loan provides them the flexibility of payment rather than paying the lump sum once. With this flexible payment method, they can plan adequately with whatever financial support comes from the government.

Ebikech Fat Tire EBike Makes Biking Easy

Veterans would need to move about the environment. They would go outside, visit old friends, or exercise. This is where the Ebikech Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike comes in. The design of these bikes is to take a large percentage of stress off the rider. They come with pedal assistance and automated motor functions that aids ease of mobility. 

Ebikech fat tire e-bikes are an excellent option for veterans with mobility issues. They can quickly get on and off these bikes without breaking a sweat. The idea is to keep them safe and moving, and Ebikech bikes make these possible. For several years and still counting, Ebikech has been at the forefront of ensuring veterans have a safe landing back home. We see the pain, and we are here to give back.


Veterans have given of themselves to the country's service, and it is our responsibility to improve their lives. As they try to blend into society, it is up to us to help him and make the process less strenuous. That is what Ebikech does and will always do.

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