Ebike Hunting Tips: What to do During a Wreck

Ebike Hunting Tips: What to do During a Wreck

Most people in the city prefer the ebike as a means of transportation. The flexibility and multi-functionality of the ride make it stand out and come in handy for many purposes. Regarding commuting to work, shopping, exercising, and running errands, e-bikes are the best options. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also require minimal cost for maintenance, such that some logistics companies prefer electric bicycles for special deliveries.

Not leaving out hunters and all-terrain enthusiasts, electric bikes are often a perfect alternative for some trips that cars cannot make. Hunting with the ebike is a game some love to indulge in, and if you are in this class, this article will do you a lot of good. During a hunt, a lot is at stake. The prey is not the only party that might suffer some loss, the hunter and his electric bike are also at risk. Wrecks often occur, which could lead to some damage, but it’s possible to salvage the situation.

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Six Tips To Avoid E-Bike Crashes

If you enjoy hunting with your e-bike, you ride on terrains that expose you to collisions and crashes. Apart from choosing the right hunting e-bike, here are some tips that can help you prevent crashes while you hunt:

Check your speed level:

High speed never does any good, especially on a mountain or rocky terrain. When you go hunting, ensure you ride at a pace that you are comfortable with, one which would give you control of the handlebar and brakes if you need to stop abruptly. Since you are riding an electric bike, it is tempting to cruise at high speed but be careful not to overdo it and lose control. Of course, impacts are more significant when you’re moving too fast. Hence, you want to avoid being on top speed when you need to dodge an object. A trick is to add some weight to the gear to keep you in check.

Watch that puddle:

On your hunting spree, you are sure to encounter some puddles. Some might be deeper than you think, while others might not be as deep. However, for many reasons, you want to avoid testing the puddle's depth with your e-bike. For one, it would get you all messy, and more importantly, you could end up in a crash if you ride into it. If this happens, you and the electric bike could tumble several times depending on the level of impact. Also, the e-bike's design is not for exposure to high water volume due to its electrical parts. It could cause the bike to malfunction or stop functioning altogether. Avoid puddles at all costs!

Stay away from steep slopes:

As fun as they could be, steep bends are not very friendly for you and your hunting game. They might look fun and tempting to explore, but they are never safe and often don’t end well. Do your best to avoid steep inclines, but ride your hunting e-bike slowly with care if you must go through them. Ride at an angle that will give you the most balance as you climb the hill. Better still, get off the bike and walk with it up. This is made easier and possible with the walk-assist function. Most electric mountain bikes have this function and are always a good option for hunting.

Check your e-bike before you hike:

As a rule, you should ensure your electric bike is in excellent condition before heading out. Check the tires for holes and flats, check that the brakes function optimally, and confirm the headlight and tail light are bright enough to lead you in the dark. These are necessary to ensure a safe ride, even on smooth roads. Who knows, while doing these routine checks, you can discover a loose chain or faulty electrical connection that could have led to a crash had you not checked.

Ensure you have balance:

Balance is a necessity when riding anything on two wheels. Not only does it ensure your safety, but it also makes the ride more fun. When you go for a hunt, chances are that you would have some load that would need to sit on your bike. The idea is to balance this load on your bike to ensure the left and right sides carry equal weight while you ride. After hunting, your prey will also need to ride with you home, so creating a balance on your bike will ensure you don't end up in a crash.

Mind the loose ground and ruts

Most all-terrain electric bikes for hunting come with unique fat and strong tires that will aid your movement through snow piles, heavy mud, and dead leaves. However, the safest way to maneuver this kind of terrain is to avoid them altogether, no matter how sturdy your tires are. You must have seen them some distance away to prevent these loose grounds, so you must pay attention to the road at all costs. If you cannot avoid them, please ride slowly and cautiously.

What to do in a wreck

Wrecks are very much avoidable if you ride with caution and precision. However, some impacts are unavoidable and must occur for the greater good. For example, it would be much safer to run into a tree than to run into a child running unattended. Before we look at the things to do if you eventually find yourself in a wreck, we must mention that the helmet is a must-use when you go hunting. There are no two ways; even though the city's traffic laws do not mandate helmets, please use them for your safety.

The first thing you want to do after a wreck is to ensure you catch your breath before you get up. There would be a rush of adrenaline afterward, so you might not feel any pain immediately. Take your time getting up. After a few minutes, try to sit up while taking deep breaths and then slowly rise. Sometimes a wreck occurs without a scratch on the rider. Other times, there could be a few scratches here and there and maybe a dislocation.

Next, check the chamber for firearm chamber to ensure no abnormalities or discharges. Check that the knives, bows, sticks, and other hunting equipment are not exposed, damaged, or dangerous. Also, check your gadgets to ensure it still works, so you can communicate your condition to someone who can get you home if necessary. Finally, inspect your hunting e-bike for any broken or loose parts. Ensure the tires and spokes are not bent, and then call it a day.

Best Fat tire for hunting | HimiwayBest E-bike for hunters

It’s best to avoid using commuter e-bikes for hunts. Go for Ebikech all-terrain long-range bikes with designs that are hunting-friendly. There are several electric bikes for hunting, but the best ones are usually electric fat tire bikes. E-bikes with fat tires will make a good bike for your hunting trips. 

The Ebikech High-Step is the ideal electric bike for hunting and has been tested and trusted for years. It has a powerful but silent motor to help you navigate the woods without being seen by your prey. When choosing a hunting e-bike, you also want to ensure the batteries are long-lasting so that you do not get stranded in the middle of a hunt. In addition, the tires must be fat and have a firm grip on the ground to give you added friction and protect you from a puncture as you hunt.

Electric fat tire bike | HimiwayConclusion

While we cannot always avoid crashes and wrecks, we can take active measures to curb them. As you explore your hunting skills with the Ebikech High-Step, be sure to put safety first and fear last on your mind. Happy Hunting!

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