After Purchase

Components And Accessories

The battery cannot be charged

Check whether the indicator light of the charger is displayed normally, test whether the output voltage of the charger is greater than 48V, and troubleshoot the charger first.

If there is no problem with the charger, it is likely that the fuse of the battery charging port is damaged. You can try to go to a local repair shop to replace the fuse.

If you still can't solve it after replacement, please provide a video showing that the battery cannot be charged, provide the frame number and battery serial number, and contact after-sales.

Ebikech Folding/Ebikech City & Commuter/Ebikech High-Step:

The carton package size is 64” x12” x 33”.

The weight of the whole package is 79lbs.

Ebikech Off-road/Ebikech High-Step/Ebikech Step-Thru:

The carton package size is 67” x12” x 33”.

The weight of the whole package is 88lbs.

The crank slips and the pedal fall

Whether the pedals are installed correctly according to the left and right directions, provide pictures and frame number to confirm and contact after-sales service.

The meter keeps showing full power

If the display keeps showing five bars, please press “+” and “-” and the power button to switch to 48V when power off to solve this problem.

My Headlight/taillight always keep on

Please reconnect the light cable, if it still doesn’t work, it is mainly caused by the controller.

Then please provide the bike serial number, motor-controller connector to after-sales.

I can't turn on my headlight or taillight

Please reconnect the light cable and check if the pins are damaged or bent.

If it can not be fixed, then please send emails to after-sales.

Codes Setting

Deal with Error Codes

1. error code 22: Throttle Fault
Reconnect the wire of the throttle. Find the throttle wire with the orange connector inside, disconnect it and then reconnect it to restart the throttle.
If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the throttle. Then please send relevant videos and provide the bike frame number to after-sales, we will help you.
2. error code 24: Motor Hall Defect
Reconnect the motor wire. Find the motor wire near the hub motor, disconnect it, and then reconnect it to restart the motor.
If the error code is still on the display, please send an email to after-sales with providing a relevant video, the motor serial, bike serial number, and the motor connector, we will help you replace the motor.
3. error code 25: Brake Failed or Brake Applied While Turning On
Unplug the brake levers one by one to confirm whether it is caused by the left or right brake lever. Please check the instruction video.
Try to adjust the screws to see if it can be solved. Please check the instruction video.
If there is still an error code 25, you need to provide the relevant video, bike serial number and contact the after-sales service to replace the brake lever.
4. error code 30: Abnormal Communication
Please do the test according to the video.
You need to unplug all the plugs including 7 (2 brake levers, throttle, front light, tail light, sensor, motor wire). At this time, the meter should display error code 24 normally.
After all unplugging, if code 30 still appears on the display, there is a high probability that it is a controller problem.
After all unplugging, if the display shows code 24, then connect the motor cable first. If 30 appears then, it is a motor problem.
If there is no error code after connecting the motor, connect other connections in sequence until the error code 30 appears. It means that code 30 is caused by this connection, and this part needs to replace.
Then provide the relevant video and bike serial number to contact the after-sales service.

Restore Default Settings

 dEF stands for restoring the default parameters.
 Press the "-" and "i" buttons for 2 seconds. Press it to switch the normal display interface into the default parameter restoration interface.
 Select Y to restore it. Switch to Y by pressing “+” and “-”, and press “i” for 2 seconds to confirm it.
 Check if there is a dEF-00 on the display. The code means the setting has already automatically finished.
Attention: This instruction suits all the Ebikech E-bikes except Ebikech Trike

Unlock the Limit of the Speed

Press “+”, “-” and “i”  at the same time for 2 seconds. Then the display will be changed.
 Press “-” and “i” at the same time for 2 seconds. Then the display will be changed again.
Enter the password 0510.
Press “i” to confirm your password. Then the display will be changed.
Press “i” again. Release the button until the display entered the speed setting page.
Press “+” or “-” to adjust your speed.
Switch the speed unit from mph to km/h.
Press “i” to confirm your setting.

Change PAS from 1 to 0

Press “+” and “-“ at the same time. The display will show up as “tc-n”.
Press “+” and “-“ at the same time again. It should show up as a “P6” menu with 0000 on the bottom left, with the 1st digit blinking.
Press “i” to move over a digit.
Press “+” 5 times. It will read 0500 with the 5 flashings.
Press “i” again to move over another digit.
Press the “+” key. It will read 0510 with the 1 flashing.
Press the “i” key twice. It should bring you to a screen with a “1” flashing in the top right and say VOL.
Press the “+” key. It will have a “2” flashing in the top right and the screen should read “SCA”
Press “i” to enter the screen mode. There will be a flashing “1-5” on the bottom left.
Press “-“. And it reads “0-5”.
Press and hold “i” to kick you back to the previous screen.  It reads “2” and SCA.
Press and hold “i” again. Release it until it takes you to the main screen.
Press  “-“ to change pedal-assist to “0” in the top right corner.