A Black Friday Shopping Guide for High-Step

A Black Friday Shopping Guide for High-Step

The High-Step ebikes are best for commuting and short rides around the park, beach, or town. They have more comfortable seats and curved handlebars for a smooth ride. The relaxed riding position that the frame's geometry offers is one of the distinguishing qualities that make a cruiser bike stand out from other bikes.

Ebikech is the long-range expert on all-terrain fat tire ebikes. With Black Friday deals, you can get the Ebikech High-Step at an affordable rate. The High-Step is one of the top electric bike deals you will purchase during Black Friday. Apart from the discounted price, the quality features are a must-have for every electric bike.

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Features of the Ebikech High-Step
The Ebikech High-Step Long-Range Fat Tire Electric Bike is an all-terrain ebike with top features that gives you a smooth ride on different surfaces. Every ebike's parts need to be in good working condition for it to perform efficiently, hence below are the specifications of the Ebikech High-Step:




48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery


35~60 Miles


180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes


US standard 2.0 A smart charger

Hub Motor

750W brushless gear motor

Pedal Assist Intelligence

0~5 level pedal assist

Total Payload Capacity

350 lb.




LCD with USB charging


26 × 4 Kenda fat tires


Half twist throttle

Bike frame

6061 Aluminum

Electrical Specifications
When you purchase the Ebikech ebike, you get value for your money as the battery offers you more range on a single charge of 35 to 60 miles. The long-lasting Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery of 48V 17.5Ah with 840Wh capacity is an excellent boost to the Cruiser. Even the replaceable battery makes charging simple.

As you pedal, you don't have to exert much energy as it can go up to 20mph, and the speed is stable, thanks to its tires. The High-Stepr’s motor allows you to maintain high average speeds while navigating through dunes and slopes. Moreover, you can easily climb slopes no matter how steep with the force of this motor, even through deep sand.

A big tire ebike's throttle makes it possible to move without pedaling. The throttle of the Ebikech High-Step is adjustable and turned in Half. Given that it's in the proper position, you can effortlessly twist the throttle while moving. Additionally, using the throttle helps you gain momentum as you begin your adventure while ascending a hill. The Ebikech High-Step comes with an LCD, which you can use as a watt meter, speedometer, and USB charging. The display is detailed and visible.

Mechanical Specifications
Regarding brakes, the High-Step has mechanical disc brakes with 180mm rotors and a stable braking potential. Whether on the pedal assist or the throttle, the 750W Hub Motor is so effective. Electric bikes' front suspension forks help them run more smoothly by absorbing the shock of uneven trails or Ebikech.

However, the High-Step's well-built frame gives you stability, proper shock absorption, and weight support when riding. Its light frame makes the bike lighter generally. Also, you go further without draining the battery.

Other features
The Ebikech High-Step, weighing 72 lbs, has both front and tail LED lights that would keep you safe while riding at night. It has a front alloy suspension coil for lockout and preload adjustment. As you purchase the Ebikech High-Step at a discounted price, you will get the Ebikech High-Step accessories to ensure a safe ride, such as a multipurpose ebike tool, bike cap, full fenders, and a rear rack. Also, this electric bicycle has a two-year warranty.

Why you need the High-Step Bike
The High-Step is one ebike you should consider getting during this Black Friday shopping period. The following are some reasons you should purchase one:

Comfortable frame design
The Ebikech High-Step's robust construction and balanced structure can handle rugged terrains and sandy beaches. A cruiser bike will be a terrific choice if you're a biker who enjoys taking in the scenery as you ride through town or along the beach coast. Additionally, cruisers are great for people wishing to have good posture and core strength due to their extra-padded saddles and oversized flared handlebars. The rear rack and built-in lights simplify commuting, while the upright riding position and plush saddle give the impression of a cruiser ride.

High quality at a competitive price
A Black Friday deal will fit your budget. Compared to other models, High-Step e-bikes are often more affordable. Therefore, the cruiser type will be your best choice if you are on a budget. Given the high quality of some of its parts, including the motor, battery, and tires, the Cruiser is an incredibly affordable e-bike at only $1599. The Ebikech High-Step will be ideal if you're searching for an all-terrain electric bike that can handle practically any terrain and is reasonably priced.

Versatile for all surfaces
Although it has a High-Step name, the Ebikech High-Step is capable of much more because of its thick tires and sturdy construction. The High-Step's tires are essential elements that distinguish this bike as an exceptional all-terrain electric bike. The Kenda 26×4-inch tires are excellent for off-road excursions and town commuting. Due to the extra volume, these tires will give you a wonderfully comfortable feeling on almost all terrain types. Off-road riding is made simpler by these tires' splendid off-road threading. The cruiser bikes are appropriate for every rider seeking a leisurely, comfortable, fun bike ride.

Durable battery
For every device, the battery is one essential factor, so as the ebike. Getting an ebike on Black Friday sales allows you to enjoy the numerous benefits of owning one at a discount. Most riders purchase electric bikes since they can cover more distance quickly, thanks to their batteries. Since the battery capacity determines how far it would go. Riding the High-Step would give you a speed of about 60 miles on pedal assist mode without running out of power.

Ebikech Black Friday Deals
This year, Ebikech Black Friday made a big comeback, notably in the markets for electric bikes. Ebikech is offering the biggest sale in history. You can get up to 15% discount off, and you even get some additional accessories. You may save money on these and even a sizable e-bike rack for carrying stuff during Ebikech High-Step's Black Friday sale. Ebikech is offering an almost $3,000 discount on popular e-bikes. You can now purchase a long-range electric bicycle for a reduced cost. These fantastic e-bike deals are all active and currently available!

On the Ebikech High-Step, you get $200 off its regular price at a whopping price of $1,599. Considering the quality features and accessories, you get value for your money. Also, you would get a 15% automatic discount when you make orders of over $3,000, including accessories. With the Black Friday deals, you will get free full fenders, 16 in 1 multi-function bicycle repair tools, a bike cap, and a rear rack.

The Black Friday event is nearing its end, and we welcome you to act fast. Now is the right time to use our official code [BF200] and enjoy the discounts on the Ebikech High-Step E-bike. We wish you happy holidays and a happy shopping season!

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Black Friday offers excellent discounts, but getting the Ebikech High-Step is a huge deal. You would buy a sophisticated electric bike at an affordable price and complimentary accessories. You can go farther with this Ebikech High-Step long-range ebike than other electric bike brands. Don’t miss out on these great deals. Get the Ebikech High-Step today and commute with ease.
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