Outdoor Goodie for Christmas Holidays

Outdoor Goodie for Christmas Holidays

The holidays are an excellent time to spend with your loved ones and have fun. The Christmas season period brings merriness and more opportunities to make memories. Apart from watching movies and staying indoors, you can do something different this holiday by sharing some goodies in your neighborhood. What other better way can you do so than with your ebike?

As you ride around, you get to burn off some holiday calories. With your Ebikech Trike you can place your items on the rear rack and have an enjoyable ride.

The streets are usually crowded this season; thus, you must keep yourself safe and be mindful of others. The Ebikech Trike is the perfect bike for sharing goodies this holiday, as it has the right features.

Customize your ebike this Christmas

While there are risky modifications to your ebikes that you must avoid, customizing and beautifying your ebike is a happy way to boost the Christmas season. To be in the Christmas spirit, you can personalize your electric bike by adding colorful accessories.

  • Battery-powered fairy lights

Who doesn't love a little more color this season? Applying colors to your bike will make it stand out very beautifully. These Christmas lights would look good on your cargo ebikes.

  • Christmas stickers

Adding Christmas stickers are a great way to modify your bike. Stickers differ in color, shape, and size. You may embellish your ebike frame with snowmen, reindeer, bears, Santa Claus, trees, and snowflake stickers.

  • Handlebar Grips and Tape

The more modern green or red plastic grips can replace your leather grips: You can select a new color that matches your preferences and a unique grip shape that will be more comfortable. For instance, you might discover a new grip that better accommodates your palm and has an angled end for resting your hands during extended e-bike trips. Getting a better grip can significantly improve your e-comfort bike's ergonomics because the stock grips are frequently an area that gets overlooked.

  • Portable music equipment

Music prevails in everything. A great Christmas e-bike wouldn't be complete without a musical device that blasts Christmas carols to the crowd. Get the Bluetooth bike speakers and let your bike run. It will be a moment you will never forget.

  • Paint your ebike's frame

Painting the edges of your bike is an easy way to decorate and customize your bike to suit your needs. Also, painting the bike frame will cover the rusty parts of the old e-bike well.

  • Add a LED light chain

LED string lights are one of the best decorations on your cargo bike. These are easily customizable and change in every way. You can attach these LED lights to the wheel's spokes or connect them to the bike frame using zip ties.

Safety cycling tips for ebike goodies sharing

As you share goodies this season, you need to consider some factors. The following are some tips to consider:

  • Limit Distractions

Make sure to avoid getting sidetracked when biking by admiring some unique decorations in the neighborhood. The festive outdoor beauty and surroundings are always vibrant. If you wish to look at some decorations or billboards, get off the road. Keep your focus on the crucial task of cycling safely to your desired location. 

  • Check your ebike 

Before you head out, check the parts of your e-bike. If you last rode your bike in the summer, you may encounter maintenance concerns, like a deflated tire. Once you've examined and addressed any  maintenance issues, you may leave with the assurance that you've done everything possible to avoid any potential cycling problems. No matter how long the ride is, it's a good idea to have a few essential cycling items with you, as you never know when you will need to fix a flat tire.

  • Wear the proper clothing

You must dress appropriately during the Christmas season. For all save the hottest and coldest temperatures, it is appropriate to layer up, wearing a lightly padded jacket on top and close-fitting clothing on your bottom half that won't tangle in the chain or pedals.

It's good for your gloves to be waterproof, but it's not necessary the entire time. One of the reasons e-bikes are so helpful for commuting is the pedal help they provide, which makes it less likely that you would become hot and sweaty while riding.

  • Obey traffic Laws

It can be tempting to speed through residential areas, especially in the snow. Riding e-bikes with powerful motors and the pedal assist active is very enjoyable. But remember to abide by the posted speed restrictions on the roads, stop signs, and traffic lights. The holidays are typically cold and snowy.

  • Stay alert

Snow and ice are hazardous conditions when cycling, so you should always have complete control of your bike. When riding on hard snow, brake frequently to clear the rims. If you hit the ice, keep going straight, don't pedal, and don't try to brake. You may slip and fall. Hence, if you are traveling in winter, be extra careful and avoid taking risks.

  • Avoid puddles

While riding, it's best to keep off-road cracks, leaves, or puddles. These can hide potholes, so it's better to stay in the middle of the traffic lane and clear the snow. Stay away from fallen leaves and road cracks, as they can be unexpectedly slippery.

Best ebike for outdoor goodies sharing

For an excellent outdoor adventure, you need an electric bike with a long-lasting battery, frame, and other features that would give you a smooth ride. The Ebikech High-Step is a versatile all-terrain fat tire bike with ample storage and carrying capacity. It’s challenging to find competition in the current e-bike market. 

It has a powerful motor with an improved inner ring that withstands high temperatures and provides excellent heat dissipation in harsh environments. Also, the Ebikech High-Step, with its upgraded 48V 20Ah Samsung/ LG battery, can go 80 miles on a single charge. 

As you move your goodies from place to place, the High-Step's 6061 aluminum frame would allow you to handle the weight of the items you have as it can carry different sizes of items on the rack. Futhermore, it has superior fat tires to conquer snowy, muddy, or slippery terrains this winter season with a payload capacity of 400 Ib, which is greater than most on the market. Whether running errands or sharing goodies, the Ebikech High-Step is the best choice.

Apart from sharing items with friends, the following are some activities you can engage with your loved ones:

  • 1. Build a snowman: You can take a break and build a snowman while driving in the snow with your friends.
  • 2. Slide on the snow: Gliding through the cool air on a sleigh is fantastic. Find a good hill, and grab a subway, sleigh, or saucer for hours of entertainment.
  • 3. Christmas shopping: When shopping for the holidays, especially with the High-Step e-bike, you can carry items in your baskets or panniers.
  • 4. Skis and snowboards: There's nothing more fun than zipping down the slopes with the cool breeze on your face. Skiing and snowboarding are fun, lively, and great winter exercises.


Electric bikes are a suitable means to conveying items, especially goodies, this season. You can spread the joy of this season by sharing some goodies and styling your electric bike. With your High-Step, you can travel further and faster with your goodies in your rack. To ensure your ebike has everything to serve you this Christmas, don’t miss these accessories to upgrade your High-Step. While journeying and sharing gift items, ensure you are mindful of your environment and stay safe. 

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