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Ebikech Brake Pads

Ebikech Brake Pads

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The Ebikech Brake Pads disc brake pads are built to improve the power of your braking and ensure a longer life than other brake pads. It is inevitable that you will need to replace your pair of brake pads, but before you do so you want plenty of use. A pair of disc brake pads need to be durable, wear-resistant, and long-lasting. We know there is a science to disc brake pads.

When you're driving your e-bike you want responsive and quick-reacting brakes. The same applies to your bicycle. The Ebikech Brake Pads disc brake pads are the perfect thickness for greater longevity and wear resistance. Yet for those needing split reaction breaking and greater responsiveness on the trails, our disc brake pads perform every time.

To install first remove your front and rear wheel. Remove the old, worn brake pads from the front and rear calipers. Check your pistons and do an overall caliper health check first. Check the quality of the brake cable or hydraulic hose before installing the new disc brake pads. Using a flat tool push the pistons back ready to install the new pads.

Insert the new brake pads correctly and secure them inside the caliper with the spring and pin. Re-attach your wheel and check the disc rotor positioning. Make sure there is no friction with the new brake pads when the brakes are not in use. If there is some friction or the disc rotor is hard to move you may need to file the pads very slightly. Alternatively, you can wait after a few rides for this to wear down.


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